05 Dec


All of our jewelry that we use in piercings meets a specific quality standard, that we do not waiver from. All jewelry is either ASTM F-136 (titanium), ASTM F-138 (stainless steel), Niobium, or solid 14 or 18 karat yellow, rose, and white gold. Every piece of jewelry is manufactured in the United States, and hand polished to a mirrored shine, making the surface extremely biocompatable, reducing the risk of the jewelry accumulating harmful organisms; it also allows for an easier healing process. None of our jewelry is manufactured with glues, adhesives, or toxic heavy metals, unlike some of the big chain retail stores and overseas manufacturers that distribute inadequate body jewelry. All of our jewelry also carries a lifetime guarantee! The jewelry we use is internally threaded or threadless, meaning that there will not be any damage to your fresh or healed piercing with sharp threads. Internally threaded jewelry allows for smoother insertion, more secure ends, and more options of stylish jewelry to give you the look that you desire with your piercing!


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