Tattoo Apprentice/Piercer

Anna joined the Rising Phoenix family in 2023 from super beautiful, safe, iconic St. Louis, MO. Her favorite style of tattoos are American Traditional and neo-traditional. She loves bold lines packed and saturated with color. Growing up, Anna drew on herself and her friends with markers so they could be cool and badass. Most of the adults in her life weren’t fans, so her doodles were redirected to pen and paper. Anna earned a degree in Fine Art, but didn’t quite fit in with the “fine arts” crowd. She found herself visiting tattoo shops and connecting with artists while she got tattooed. An artist named Gabbi gave her the confidence to put together a portfolio to apply for an apprenticeship, and here she is drawing on people so they can look cool and badass. Anna always knew what she wanted to do with art, and she is thrilled to finally be in a place where she fits in.

Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun - Noon to 10PM

Some of Anna's Work

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